We bring the power of data science and AI to every mobility business.

UrbanBrain is a data science consulting firm specializing in new mobility.

Fleet Relocation

Real-time intelligent fleet distribution service to guarantee minimal customer waiting time and high fleet utilization.

Predictive Routing

Our data-driven routing service selects the best route to travel between two places to maximise your customer satisfaction.

Estimated Time of Arrival

The ETA predictive model helps to build trust with your customers by giving them the right information.

Demand Prediction

We help you estimate the needed resources by forecasting the amount of demand across your operational area.

Agile data science with zero risk

We believe in co-creation and a collaboration model that is crafted to help you make the right decision.

we start with a proof of concept to test the feasibility of  a data-driven service for your product or business. We offer this with zero up-front cost


First, we identify the most valuable data-driven service to boost your product or business.  learn more


Second, our team take two to four weeks to evaluate your data and validate the use cases.  learn more


Third, with your feedback, we decide if the results from the prototype are relevant and valuable to your business.  learn more


Finally, only if you are satisfied with the initial results, our team start building the data-driven service and installs it on your own cloud to guarantee 100% data privacy and full control.  learn more

The secret of success

Our business model is crafted to fit our clients needs. We believe in individual AI solutions to satisfy each and every business requirement.

Crafted for you

We build a service that is crafted to fit your requirements.

Operated from your cloud

We help you to run and operate the service in your cloud.

You own the asset

We not only provide you with a running data-driven product, but also teach you its recipe for success.

100% data privacy control

You have the full control over the data that is preprocessed and integrated into the AI service.

work with us to create a brain for your mobility platform